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360 Discovery

Take a 360 Discovery of the gifts and talents you carry

  • 1 h
  • 7 Sessions
  • Online or Face to Face

Service Description

Have you ever taken a spiritual gift or personality assessment and thought great, this is good to know, now what?!? The 360 Discovery will bring you full circle, empowering you to recognize and utilize the gifts and talents you carry. Enabling you to live the life you love while impacting the world around you. What my clients experience during the 360 Discovery: "Since I felt very safe with Miranda, I was able to be open and transparent. I felt accepted by her and dared to be transparent and share my weaknesses. She gave me the total freedom of how far I felt safe to go in my vulnerability. Through the sessions I learned how I can be more discplined and found a plan of action to reach my goals. The plans of action were very practical and therfore easy to achieve. I'm extremely encouraged in who I am. I now dare to be seen. I now know how I can deal with my fears that hindered me to be seen. There were beliefsystems in my thoughts that gave me a wrong image of myself. These beliefsystems influenced how I function and in my relationships. Since I experienced the truth over myself continually in the sessions, I am more confident and realize even stronger my unique value. Through my broken vision, insufficient self esteem and beliefsytem, I was too passive and didn't come to bloom. Since I got direction, I'm on my way." "I felt valued and understood. I felt Jesus speaking to me, through her words. And it touched my heart. I am deeply encouraged and stirred up. I received a lot of practical tools how to reach my goal. I appreciate the practical tools. Now I am taking steps to reach my goals, my dreams." “My belief system changed. Now I believe in my unique ME. What I have to give is unique and of value...”

Cancellation Policy

For Cancellations, Please contact us 24 hour prior.

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