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Arise Shine and Be Revealed

Arise Shine and Be Revealed

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Have you ever asked the questions: Why is it taking us so long to impact the world with so many churches and so many Christians? What are we missing? How can we destroy competition and comparison? How can we experience significance, empowerment, and celebration?


International speaker and author Miranda de Bruin answers these questions and more as she pursued the answers to these many questions. God answered her with a vision in 2012. Clearly revealing to her that His children are an integral part of his divine plan and are to be a luminary of his glory. Miranda de Bruin’s practical guide will activate you to:


· Discover the unique gifts you carry, their importance, and how to release them to the world around you.


· Destroy competition and comparison—the enemies of this great movement.


· Experience your significance, empowerment, and celebration.


· Encounter your Heavenly Father, Who He is and His heart for you.


· Recognize God’s voice for yourself and others


· Live in Victory over the enemy


· Operate in Spiritual gifts


    Paperback Book

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